To promote and market your business online effectively you really need a good internet presence. If you have a website you need to promote it. Your website promotes your business. need to know how to promote your business online. Business marketing online and getting to the first page of Google search is tough.

The little known secret is to use something else to promote and market your business website. Something that is much easier to get "ranked" to the first page of a Google search. There are many ways to promote online but let me reveal the best way to promote your business online.

If you do a search (and you probably did) for "how to promote my business online" you will find a lot of similar sites with advice that many times is useful.

The advice on how to "get listed" by search engines is good. How to utilize social media marketing is well worth using to promote a business on Google.

But to promote your business online successfully you need to "show" up in searches. That means effective business marketing online.

Most advice sites reccommend a blog. That's good and there are a lot of "free" blogging platforms to use.

However, they really do not support you promoting your business online. The are excellent for journals, stories, etc. But to really succeed in promoting and marketing your business online you must have buyuers seeing your product or service.

"Free" advertising gets you a lot of "freebie seekers" and "window shoppers". Thay are NOT buyers.

Showing up on Google searches that people do WILL find buyers.

Using a blog, you can create "content" ie articles or posts that are relevent or related to your product or service. The marketing possibilities are endless. Each piece of content is "connected" to your sales page which in turn sends them to your website or order page you are promoting.

That is why blogs work so well for marketing and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) LOVE them.

You can see a 3-part video series HERE that is very informative and why a blog works so well at marketing and promoting your business online.

One of the most important things that allows a site or a blog to show up on searches is "authority". What that means is immediate attention by the search engines.

When you promote your business online you want to be "seen" by the search engines right away. When you add new content you want it "indexed" right away.

Also, authority will help put your content at the top of the list of searches.

There is a simple, inexpensive soulution to the problem of promoting and marketing a business online. It's called Empower Network.

This is a Viral Blogging System. With it you have the authority to get noticed (and indexed) by the search engines fast. Empower Network is ranked in the top world wide out of millions of websites. It is east to use and quite remarkable and effective for marketing and promoting your business online.

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By Mark Duncan

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